MPM Inside Out

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Date: April 13, 2018
Time: 5:30-8:30 p.m.
Cost: Free, members-only
RSVP: Required; call 414-278-6170 or 888-700-9069. Reservations will begin in March 2018.

See some of the Milwaukee Public Museum’s most intriguing items at MPM Inside Out.

Inside Out is a free, members-only event featuring objects not normally on view. Discover research from Museum curators, enjoy and observe unique presentations, and more.

You can even try to stump our experts with your questions, and go behind-the-scenes of the Daniel M. Soref National Geographic Dome Theater and Planetarium.

*Add-on: Member pricing applies for the Maya special exhibit. The last entry is at 7:30 p.m.

Space is limited for this popular event. RSVP accepted until Wednesday, April 11, as space allows.

Presentations from 2017 included:

Take a Peek at the Bird Collection
Tour the Museum’s Bird collection, and learn what we have, how we store them, and what we do with them.

Cores, Cores: What Are They Good For?
Learn about the various types of cores (geotechnical, oil, gas, and ice) that geologists collect and study.

Cocktails! A Spirited History of Mixed Drinks
Learn about social traditions surrounding cocktails and the history of the Old Fashioned.

The Tape Loom
Learn about narrow woven tapes, used to hold up stockings and to bind Colonial American textiles.

The War to End All Wars
Examine World War I memorabilia, from military material used by American soldiers to material from the homefront.

A Torosaur’s Tale
MPM’s Torosaur is one of the most complete specimens found to date. Learn about its unique features.

The Ice Age: What Can It Tell Us about Today’s Climate?
Learn about past climates with evidence left in ice, oceans, lake sediments, coral reefs, and sedimentary rocks.

Climate Change and the Modern Challenge
Learn how the current pace of climate change will challenge the very structure of society.

Take a Dive into the Silurian Seas
Meet the reef animals that lived in the warm shallow seas of ancient Wisconsin.

Snowball Earth and the “Boring Billion”
Learn how continental breakup, volcanic activity, and more threw Earth into a climate crisis.

Up Hell Creek without a Paddle
What happened to the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous Period? Learn this answer and more!

Bodies of Evidence: Learning from Extinct Specimens
See some extinct, threatened, and common freshwater mussels from MPM’s collection.

The Voids in the Bees
Learn about the scientists behind MPM’s recently digitized Wisconsin bee collection.

If You See Something, Say Something
Learn how Museum specimens serve as a resource to inform us about potential environmental threats.

European Armor in the Renaissance and Beyond
Armor evolved to keep up with new advances in weaponry. See how European soldiers protected themselves.

From Tattoos to the Civil War: Learning the Exhibit Process
See Graduate Students' table top exhibitions, highlighting their work writing labels and selecting objects.

A-Brooch-ing the Fur Trade through Adornment
Learn how the art of silversmithing spread to Wisconsin tribes and see examples from the MPM collection.

Reimagining the Alcove: The Exhibit Prototyping Project
Learn how Graduate Students are proposing to redesign five exhibit cases in the Wisconsin Woodlands area.

New Collection Spotlight: Contemporary Pueblo Ceramics 
See selections from a new donation of contemporary ceramics produced by Pueblo artists.

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...
See what our Photo Archives have to say about MPM and its Milwaukee home over the past 130 years.

Close Encounters of the Registration Kind
Explore how the Registration department at MPM takes an even closer look at its objects.

On Wisconsin: Weapons Striking Close to Home
See weapons donated or used by people from Wisconsin.

Arabian Nights: A Collection of Islamic Weaponry
See weapons from the Middle East and North Africa, known for their elegant designs and deep religious meanings.

The Art and Science Behind the Blade
Few weapons can match the versatility and prevalence of the blade. See some of MPM’s most intriguing examples.

Indonesia: Where Swords of Fantasy are Reality
Few places in the world have created such a varied arsenal of swords and daggers as the Indonesian archipelago.

Japanese Armor and Weaponry in Edo Japan
See a variety of weapons and armor used by the samurai for both warfare and ritualistic purposes.

Dark Side of the Dome!
See the dark side of the Dome Theater and learn how to make a Planetarium show.