MPM on the Move Outreach Program

The Milwaukee Public Museum is excited to bring our unique programming into the community! The “MPM on the Move” Outreach Program has something for everyone and can be adapted for different age groups. All of our programs include hands-on learning opportunities led by our experienced and talented Educators!

The outreach program seeks to improve scientific and cultural literacy by bringing quality programs into the community. New audiences will experience traveling museum programming that inspires curiosity and excites minds.

Program length: 50 minutes
Classroom/Workshop Format: Group size 10-30 people
Audience: Adults, children, and families
Locations: Libraries, community groups/organizations, day programs, and schools
Program Cost: $150 for the first program, $75 for additional program on the same day (up to four)
How to Book a Program: Complete the online form by clicking the REGISTER NOW button. A staff member will follow-up with you within 2 business days.
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Individual Program Descriptions

Get Wild in Wisconsin
Investigate Wisconsin’s wildlife! Explore the rich variety of plants, animals, and even tiny microbes that populate our state. Find out why they’re so important and learn ways to protect Wisconsin’s habitats and biodiversity.

Participants will get the chance to model a food web, simulate what happens when invasive species are introduced to an ecosystem, and pot native wildflowers to make their gardens more welcoming to pollinators.


The Beautiful World of Butterflies
Butterflies may be beautiful to look at, but that’s not the only reason they’re important! Take a virtual tour of MPM’s Butterfly Vivarium as we investigate these fascinating and necessary animals.

Participants will have an opportunity to observe real butterfly specimens under a microscope while exploring how special their wings really are.


Wisconsin Rocks!
Discover how Wisconsin’s landscape has evolved through time and what geology can tell us about our state’s past.

Participants will get a chance to examine real fossils and use them to determine how Wisconsin’s geography has changed over millions of years.


Mummies Mania
Explore the mysteries of mummies as we learn how and why Ancient Egyptians mummified their dead.

Participants will get a chance to help in the mummification process of a life-size model.


Dinosaur Hunt
Join us on a trip back in time to the Mesozoic Era, where we’ll learn all about dinosaurs and the scientists who study them!

Participants will have an opportunity to handle real dinosaur fossils and explore what’s inside a paleontologist’s toolkit.


Digging up Discoveries
Enter the mind of an archaeologist! Learn what clues scientists use when analyzing artifacts and what found objects can tell us about a culture.

Participants will examine real artifacts from MPM’s education collection and come up with their own hypotheses about who used them and why.


All Things Space
For thousands of years, people have gazed up at the stars in an attempt to understand our place in the universe. Join MPM as we investigate our corner of space and beyond! Learn how our understanding of the universe has changed through the years.

Participants will get a chance to model the movement of celestial bodies and build their own scale model of the solar system.