The National Geographic Dome Theater & Daniel M. Soref Planetarium

Enjoy three unique visual experiences at the first venue in the world to debut brand new Digistar 6 technology! Take in an awe-inspiring Planetarium program, a thrilling 3D show, or a magnificent giant screen show. A Planetarium program is always included with Museum Pass admission.

About the Dome Theater

With crystal clear images on a six-story-tall screen and wraparound digital surround sound, watching a show in the Dome Theater transports you into the center of the action -- be it climbing the daunting heights of Everest, cruising the skies on the back of a pterosaur, or experiencing the weightlessness of space.

2D and 3D Shows

A truly immersive adventure awaits under our six-story hemispheric dome. Dive into an undersea world to see incredible creatures, travel to the time of dinosaurs, or trek through the remote jungles of Africa without leaving your seat! Technically advanced and visually stunning, you'll be spellbound by the force and beauty of a 3D or giant screen film at the Dome Theater.

Planetarium Programs

MPM's Planetarium is Wisconsin's largest and most modern, and is the first Planetarium in the world to debut a Digistar 6 computer projection system that fills the entire Dome Theater with stunning 3D animations, creating an immersive astronomy experience. You'll see breathtaking vistas of the night sky, planets, the Milky Way, and distant wonders of the universe.