MPM Curatorial Botany Staff

Dr. Christopher Tyrrell - Research Curator or 414-278-2761

Chris is a botanist who studies a variety of questions related to plant evolution and ecology. In general, Chris aims to understand how plants have evolved into those we see today, what factors or mechanisms determine why they persist in particular environments, and how their morphology (appearance) changes under certain conditions (such as changes in leaf shape in lakes with different water chemistry). His research interests range from terrestrial to aquatic environments and include work that is both local and abroad. Chris is a world authority on the Central and South American bamboo genus Rhipidocladum, and he studies the evolution of this group and related genera Arthrostylidium and Didymogonyx. He holds a degree in ecosystem restoration from UW-Stevens Point, and advanced degrees in plant systematics (Iowa State University) and aquatic ecology (University of New Brunswick, Canada).

Research Associates

Dr. Daniel Carter - Principal Biologist
Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission

Dr. Nicholas Tippery - Assistant Professor of Biology
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Emeritus Curators

Neil Luebke - Curator Emeritus
Neil has been investigating quillwort species for many years. His work with Allen Cressler [U.S. Geological Survey] found the southeastern United States to be a hotbed for speciation within this genus. His most recent work has been looking at populations of quillworts in Georgia and the surrounding states.

Adjunct Curators

Dr. Suzanne Joneson – Adjunct Curator of Lichens & Fungi
The University of Wisconsin-Waukesha